Our team will give you all the knowledge and confidence you need to win business 
Our team will give you all the knowledge and confidence you need to win business 

Are you the next franchisee? 

Everything you need to set up and run your own business and work from home. 
A full induction program followed by 8 days training in your first year. In your second and subsequent years, you will attend quarterly workshops and an annual conference. 
A tried and tested model 
Full Training and Support 
Help local businesses increase awareness and generate new business through a professional approach in social media to grow sales and set up a thriving business of your own by marketing, consulting and selling the range of Far-Red social media management packages. 
Far-Red manages copywriting, advertising, graphic design, branding, and social media management to improve business results through marketing and digital strategy knowledge, expertise, and the latest software tools. 
For an investment of £7,495.00 you'll have a comprehensive package with everything your business needs to get started. There’s no hanging around: you’re ready to go, straight after the training course. 
What You Can Earn 
Earn up to 25K base per year and build from there! 
How much you earn is entirely up to you. Income potential is uncapped. And if you maintain your progress and keep your existing customers you can add up to 8K - 12k each year from recurring revenues. 
Training & Support 
1. 2-day Induction program 
2. 8 days in region training year 1 Including client meeting support 
3. Quarterly workshop’s 
4. Annual Conference from year 2 onwards 
We give you all the knowledge and confidence you will need to win business. If you need advice and support along the way our head office team is on hand and on-line whenever you need us. 
UK Head Office Team 
1. Online support, whenever you need it! 
2. Your Questions will be answered and managed on-line by our UK Head Office Team. 
3. Our Team Manages, client advertising, invoicing and problem-solving on all technical matters relating to social media managed services. 
4. Digital Advertising campaigns throughout the year to drive lead generation for franchisees