Our consultants help businesses master social media, digital marketing, and social advertising. 
Our consultants help businesses master social media, digital marketing, and social advertising. 

The Franchise Package 

For an investment of £7,495.00 + VAT, you'll have a comprehensive package with everything your business needs to get started. 
There’s no hanging around 
You’re ready to go, straight after the training course. 
Protected Region 
your very own franchise region 
Company Website 
great way to start to show potential clients what Far-Red does, quickly. 
Digital Advertising 
company advertising on google and social media to improve lead generation and brand awareness 
Email Marketing 
all prospective clients and sales lead retained and communicated with a monthly newsletter to explain services and offers. 
Brand Marketing 
randed presentation tools, scripts, introductory pdfs and company powerpoint presentations. 
Business Documents 
Content planning sheets, advertising document schedules, financial planning and forecast spreadsheets, full marketing and development plan 
12-month membership for 2 of the leading business networking groups, 4Networking & BNI to help build your contact base and structure your week. 
What You Can Earn? 
£25k by the end of year 2 
What you earn is, ultimately, determined by you – but there is the potential to earn £25k in year two. And then, typically, you can add £5-8 k each year after that. That's quite a return on your initial investment of £7495.00 + VAT. But really, it’s your choice. As with any franchise, your success depends on the time and effort you put in. With the right desire. 
3 Income Streams 
Our franchisees earn from 3 major income streams 
Instant income – you earn immediately from any new set up and design costs for social media accounts. 
Monthly income – you receive instant monthly income from every client social media marketing package that you sell for the life of the agreement 
Additional services income – you can offer design, website, digital marketing, graphic design, branding, print advertising, training services, and earn 10% commission on the prices you charge. 
Financial Benefits 
Alongside the 3 core income streams, we offer some excellent financial benefits. 
£50 bonus for every website sold in the first 6 months 
No management fees in the first 6 months, £100 per month on-going after initial 6 months. 
Uncapped earnings – we never limit how much you can earn! 
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