Our consultants help businesses master social media, digital marketing, and social advertising. 
Our consultants help businesses master social media, digital marketing, and social advertising. 

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Far-Red is now looking for individuals who share our passion for finding 
"We work with tomorrow's customers today" 
You will be required to work as a Far-Red “Consultant” in line with Far-Red business model, ethics, managed services and commitment to building your franchise region If you are a self-motivated individual who has an interest or knowledge in social media, digital, marketing, copywriting, SEO, design, websites, business consultancy, business support, business administration, or IT with exacting standards, we would welcome the opportunity for an informal discussion. 
The Market 
Business owners have a heavy workload managing multiple tasks every day. It is a constant challenge having to consider where their next sales will come from. And a permanent threat that existing customers may leave them. So in short, business owners are time poor, not marketing experts and inexperienced using social media. Far-Red understands how to help businesses identify their strengths. 
Using social media effectively as a sales tool is a challenge you may NOT have a strategy for. Business owners do spend money trying to promote their business, but they do this on an ad hoc basis and do not measure the results of the spend. Far-Red measure every element of our work and the strategy we put in place. Far – Red create effective business development and sales generation plans using social media. Flexible digital marketing and advertising campaigns are created to maximise businesses budgets. These digital campaigns effectively reach and professionally promote the business, its products or services, to your EXACT target customers. Far-Red creates content, design digital adverts and manages social media effectively to reach new customers. 

The Process 

Time for a new challenge? 
Help businesses master social media, digital marketing, and advertising 
Social media and digital markets are growing and evolving at an incredible pace. Fantastic options to promote, grow and build business growth on a budget, quickly. 
Far-Red bring the knowledge and expertise to help businesses master social media, digital marketing, and advertising. We win new customers, professionally promote business services, sell products on-line, and improve website listings. 
As a franchise owner, you can help local businesses to thrive in social media. You will work independently, supported by our head office team, as a local "Consultant", running your own business.