Finding new customers for small and medium sized businesses used to be real challenge. Sure, print advertising options have always been an option, but working out how your small ad in the Parish Magazine performed is always a bit….tricky? Or worse still you didn’t even try to evaluate how many leads you gained. But now help is not far away. If you want to sell your services, or move people to a website to buy your products, there are some great opportunities. Here are our 20 reasons why we want you to talk with someone who can show you how to benefit from social media advertising. 
Quick to set up 
Easy to place ads when you are ready 
Flexible advertising costs to suit any budget 
Advertise for a day, 3 days or a week. 
Daily ad feedback 
Brilliant advertising targeting regional or national locations 
Filter who sees your ads 
Pick an age demographic 
Select interest criteria of customers 
Get awareness with new customer groups fast 
Let customers share your offer with peers and friends 
Let your product do the talking 
You do the talking, use your best copy and offer 
Get your product in the picture, select your own images and easily upload 
Options to drive social likes, web visits or engagement 
Get instant feedback 
Get an evaluation summary 
Learn what worked 
Refine your tactics 
No long-term commitment 
Social media and digital marketing are the tools of our trade. Our clients relish the fact we can help them to create a strategy. We help to navigate the channels, create targeted advertising campaigns, increase awareness, improve reputation, and target new customers to build sales. 
90% of the 4 million SMEs do not measure their marketing activity. 70 % of the 4 Million SMEs do not have a social media strategy to effectively build their customer base. 
Get someone to show you how to use social media advertising and reap the rewards! 

The Far-Red Process 

1. We review your current social media marketing strategy or set up and design your channels for you 
2. Our team create a clear strategy to target and engage new customers for your business through the best social media channels 
3. We create and manage content, imagery, video and digital advertising campaigns 
4. We evaluate everything we do to ensure we are hitting the right customers with the correct messages, and optimize advertising spend 
5. We create and send a detailed monthly report to all clients. 

About the author 

Far-Red are a national network of social media marketing consultants. “We find tomorrow’s customer today”.  
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